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Student Co-Written Zoom Chat Poem from Sociology of the Black Community

The Great Migration. We [the people]

Move. Moving. Moved. I will not be moved. Or will I? Hope is driving the train.

During the Great Migration, Black people moved to the North in hopes for better opportunities as well as for better treatment from whites

Being discrete cause white people didn't want to lose cheap labor. Violence afoot.

Demand for industrial work during WWI caused recruitment of Black people from the South to the North

During the Great Migration, Black people moved across this country, forever changing its political landscape.

During the Great Migration, Jim Crow put limitations on everything a black person did. Such as, their education, how much money they could make and where they could live.

Limitations on everything a black person did. Everything. Everything and nothing. In caged. Being caged. In cages. Encaged.

The great migration displayed how black people became dissatisfied with the South in terms of ways of living.

A time in history when many Black people left the south and moved north towards better social and economic prospects.

Better paying jobs. Voting. Housing.

Moving to equality. Moving to freedom. Am I? Sold a dream of a beautiful place of perfection. A place of voice.

6 million. 6 million Black people. A monumental movement of 6 million men. It was one of the largest migrations in US history.

From the videos I watched I saw, Black people moved North because it had more freedom. In the south, they, we, held to many laws.

The great migration brought talent and artistry to the North, which led to the start of the Harlem Renaissance.

In labor birthing Black culture.

During the Great Migration, Black people were hopeful the North and the South could be different - but it wasn't.

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