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Teaching as a Scholar-Educator


Brittney Miles is an award-winning educator who incorporates dynamic and innovative approaches in her classroom. She teaches the classics, puts her spin on the best practices, and centers her students' voices and positionalities in the classroom. For example, she led students in the Electric Slide and Double Dutch to explore Black community health and connectivity. She incorporates games to teach about class disparities in the United States. And in addition to her use of diverse texts and media, she assigns creative assessments that allow students to meet the course learning outcomes while expressing themselves in inspired ways. Using a balance between compassion and firm expectations, she nurtures critical dialogue in classrooms that become protected spaces from her implementation of pedagogies of care. Brittney sees teaching as a reflexive and adaptive process that tasks her to continually learn, evolve, and be responsive to the unique students in her class. Further, she recognizes teaching as inseparable from mentorship. Each moment in the classroom is an opportunity to encourage and guide students in their journeys as scholars.

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Teaching Awards

“Women Who Blazed the Trail” Faculty & Staff of Color Award — Spring 2021

  • Student-nominated; University-wide Award

Darwin T. Turner Scholars Program Teaching Impact Award — Spring 2020

  • Student-nominated; University-wide Award

Outstanding Teaching — Spring 2019

  • Department of Sociology Graduate Student Educator Award

Student Highlights

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compassionate • culturally responsive • scholar-educator

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